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Fishing on Lake Nipissing - Fishing Tips

Spoons such as the Johnson Silver minnow or Daredevil are generally regarded as good lures for pike and muskie fishing.  I  can't argue with that as I have found them to be very effective in many fishing conditions.  I would only add that these lures can be enhanced with the addition of a soft plastic grub-tail place on the straight portion of the hook to give the lure more bulk and life-like action.  These lures are ideal for trolling if you wish to cover large areas of the lake or edges of large weedbeds.

Another style of spoon that I had great success with this year was a much narrower variant that is used for trout fishing.  The lure is made by Pcola's Lures  and has an excellent life-like wiggle when pulled through the water. You can purchase the lures from Pcola's Lures, Box 61, 516 Fifth Street, St. Michael PA 15951, phone 814-495-5007.

Johnson Silver Minnow
Note white grub tail trailing from hook

                                       Pcola's NITI Spoon